Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Week in Links

R.I.P. Judith Hayes, a.k.a. The Happy Heretic, 1945-2012.   I just discovered her blog today and I'm so sad that I never got to know her work before this.  She started blogging before it was called "blogging."  Her book is still for sale at  They call her the "Erma Bombeck of the secular humanist community.

New Zealand priests have to stop using ipads in the pulpit.  I wonder if they use them in the confessional.  That has to be the most boring part of their day.

A former nun in India has written a book that I hope gets translated to English.  Her advice to young girls: do not go to a priest for counseling or confession.   Sounds like she has some tales to tell.

But then what fake priests do in India is also shocking.  Child sacrifice to find hidden treasure?  Crazy.

Mr. Cranky reviews a film that proves that Christians shouldn't produce films.

A Christian & a Muslim ask hotels to stop selling pay-per-view porn.   Apparently they know that religious people are buying this stuff, because they certainly wouldn't care if atheists watched bad porn.

The Washington Post  on Elevatorgate Part Deux.  My first thought was 'wow we look so bad now,' but then I remembered that some of my friends have been harrassed at professional conferences.  Maybe some people just need to be reminded that you should behave at a conference the way you would at home, or better.

As yet another storm passes by my parched Indiana city, I realize we should try performing a frog wedding.

Lutheran church needs a liquor license to serve liquor at weddings (but not for communion?)  ... but the law states a license can't be granted within 100 feet of a church.  Well, they are the church and no other church happens to be next door, so they get licensed!


krissthesexyatheist said...

I like the name Happy Heritic. we have enuff angry atheism out there, let's some happy on. Awesome.


B.R. said...

I guess the Christian and the Muslim are too weak to say "no" to porn, and thus wish to see it eradicated from hotels so that everyone, and not just them, will be barred from having to make the choice at all. *yawn* Whatever happened to originality?

Chatpilot said...

This is the first I am hearing that Judith (The Happy Heretic) has passed away. I read her book about a year ago and started visiting her blog to which she only posted once a month. But before her untimely death she has had a rough year. She lost her husband not too long ago and she even considered shutting down her blog and not writing anymore. She decided later to keep writing since many of her followers were requesting it. She will be missed but at least she is published and you may read her blog. She definitely had a wonderful way with words.