Sunday, August 19, 2012

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Not new, but it seems that liberals and conservatives really do think differently, with different parts of the brain.  Or rather, liberals think, and conservatives feel.

Atheism is increasing in the Persian Gulf.  The responses are similar to responses you'd get writing about atheism in the Gulf of Mexico area.

In the U.S., not enough of us signed a petition urging Obama to take on the case of an Indonesian atheist jailed for expressing unbelief.  I find the number eerily low, but I also find it ridiculous that the State Department isn't already smacking Indonesia for this, or Amnesty International.

There was an atheist film festival in San Francisco last week.  Sounds like a great idea for other cities to emulate.

Gone With the Wind heir donates rights to the Catholic church.  Not the movie, just everything else.  Very strange and now I wonder if I should continue to point out to Christians that just because Atlanta really did burn during the Civil War that doesn't make GWTW true.

Both VP candidates are Catholic.  Will Catholics care more about caring for the poor than "culture war" issues (translation: anything remotely having to do with sex)

Orthodox Christian Church & Catholic church are taking steps toward reconciliation.  I wonder how they'll settle the issue of married priests.

Hank Williams, Jr. calls Obama a muslim who hates farming among other all-American things.  He really looks like someone whose opinion I should adopt... NOT!

Other lovely "Christians" are desecrating muslim graves in Chicago.

On the other hand, non-muslims were among the donors who raised $375,000 to rebuild a Joplin, Missouri mosque destroyed by a mysterious possibly hatred-fueled fire.  I wonder how all the Christians who patted themselves on the back for helping out after the tornado feel about this.

I have pointed out to friends that this election could be very different due to the lack of a Protestant on the Republican ballot.  I'm not the only person who has noticed this.  Not only is there no Protestant, there's no evangelical protestant though Ryan's creds with that group are probably pretty good.  He seems not to mention the papacy in public.  That will go a long way.  Several news outlets commented on this unique event this week including CNN.  (Prothero has written some very interesting books on religion I've read his book, Religious Literacy which has a lot of interesting history)

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