Saturday, September 29, 2012

Links of the Week

America for Jesus rally in Philadelphia.  Don't these bullies realize they have to travel to heathen cities to connect with the founders?  Hmmmmm  I wonder if any of them will notice that.  Here's some fun:  "Attendees will be asked to start 40 days of prayer and fasting, through the Nov. 6, election, to help turn the nation toward God"  Well wouldn't that decrease voter turnout just a wee bit?  if they're too weak to show up at the polls?

In Indiana religious bullies are trying to redefine abortion out of existence at one clinic, anyway.  Meanwhile,  Uruguay takes a step toward decriminalizing abortion.  In Kansas, the office of the doctor murdered in his own church by a so-called "Christian" has been bought by an abortion rights group.  Very brave of them.

Okay, not specifically religous (usually) but eunuchs live longer, at least in Korea.  And in other news, male scientists are scrambling to find evidence that counters this finding.

My local newspaper is covering a dramatic dispute over whether the right to be a pastor depends on 1) being the son of the former pastor or 2) knowing something about religion, like maybe having gone to seminary.

The new charter schools in New York are supposedly causing the collapse of parochial, especially Catholic schools.   The many proven allegations of pedophilia within the Catholic church couldn't possibly have contributed, no no no...

Donald Trump waived his speaker's fee to give a convocation speech at Liberty University, with Michele Bachmann on stage.  I thought he was just a loose cannon crackpot, but apparently he's one of them.  That explains a lot.

The fourth Wednesday of September is See You at the Pole Day, when Christian students confuse worship of a dead guy on a tree with worship of a secular symbol.  Well, the flag is prettier, but  peer pressure to worship is still creepy.

An ancient Buddhist statue (with a swastika) stolen by the Nazis is truly otherworldly - it's made from a metorite!

Muslims want everyone else to suppress freedom of speech in rules against "religious hatred."  They don't seem to be interested in laws suppressing the freedom to stage violent murderous riots when their feelings get hurt, though.

Meanwhile, Muslims in India seem to be able to handle a comedy about an atheist who meets God.  The plot sounds convoluted but interesting, even if the moral of the story is hackneyed pro-religious nonsense.

Catholics, however, are "up in arms" over the way they've been portrayed in a movie that's not getting good reviews anyway.  Muslims could learn a lesson from the Catholics here.  "Up in arms" for Catholics means being whiny babies, which is enough to threaten release of a film.  No murder or arson so far reported.

Hindus, in return, are whining about yoga being disallowed in a Catholic church in England.  And in other news, the National Turk gets people to read this boring story by hiring a porn star to pose in a braless yoga getup at the top of the article.

...and since most of my readers are heterosexual males, there's probably no point in posting anything after that.

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