Saturday, September 1, 2012

These are the links that was, erm... were

Romney says releasing his tax returns would violate his religious privacy (even though he's released two years).  Fellow Mormon politician John Huntsman calls bullshit, sort of.

TV station owned by Mormons refuses to air "The New Normal."  I wonder how they'd feel about "Sister Wives."

Another child-raping closet homosexual Bible-thumping evangelical anti-gay spokesperson for purity gets arrested.

Prostitute asks God for forgiveness and winds up being raped and set on fire.  Good going, God.  I guess they needed more prostitutes in Heaven.

Washington state Catholic church ignores state election law unless you count their rationalizations.

Baptists are distressed by the Clergy Project (despite what they say at the end of this article) and they stick with Todd Akin

Pentecostal teen fired by Burger King for wearing a skirt instead of slacks.  She claims she can't wear "men's clothes" but she can work at a job?  What a ridiculous religion.

Boko Haram sect of Islam wreaks havoc on Nigeria.  Now Nigeria wants to "talk" with them.  Does that mean they win?

Obama's delegate to special envoy to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation gives an interview.  It's rather impressive that the OIC is addressing the problems caused by some of the crazier Muslims.  Teh cRaZy runs so deep there that I wonder what can be done.  At least the U.S. has someone who can speak their language instead of crazy cowboy talk of the previous generation.  Quotable quote quotes the Quran:

We have made it clear, since President Obama took office, that what terrorists are doing contradicts the teaching of Islam. However there are limits to what the US can do. This requires the attention of the Islamic world, and we have no problem to say that this is not consistent with the teachings of Islam. The Quran states: “God does not change the condition of people until they change what is in themselves.” We support all constructive attempts to change in the Muslim world.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney needs an evangelical embassador to relate to people in his own country.  The guy's mentor and second father was Jerry Falwell.  *shudders*

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Infidel753 said...

what terrorists are doing contradicts the teaching of Islam

Unfortunately it doesn't. The Koran and Hadîth have plenty of language endorsing the use of violence against unbelievers.

crazy cowboy talk of the previous generation

Bush called Islam "a religion of peace". He was wrong, too.