Monday, October 29, 2012

Atheism + Covered in "Trolls News"

Well, the atheism battles have finally reached the zenith, nadir, or uhh extreme corners of the news world. The forums for Atheism + were flooded with disgusting images, and they were disparaged in the Urban Dictionary. Makes an atheist proud. Can the jerks who are taking time out of their lives to stalk, harrass, and troll the Atheism + movement get any lower? What happened to trolling Christian Forums? That used to be such fun.

Full coverage on "Trolls News:"

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Ockham's Razorboy said...

Trolls will be trolls. It's likely not even people who are actively against 'Atheism+'; when they find a group who are likely to have an extreme reaction to this sort of shit, trolls have a field-day.

And the Atheism+ crowd are unfortunately obvious targets in that sense.