Saturday, October 13, 2012

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Typing "completely wrong" into google image search yields some LULZ

This is how 1950s horror movies start, but it happened this week! 

Dear Abby is on the side of salespeople who say "Have a blessed day."  I've been annoyed by that one too, and no, it's not a secular greeting.  Only religious people use it.

Pakistan's Taliban tries to assassinate a little girl.  Seriously, they are afraid of a teenager who wants to go to school?  If 9/11 couldn't get the attention of the less nutty segments of Islam, perhaps this abomination will.  The backlash is starting already.  Quotable quote: "One human rights activist said that while there was "a great big moderate majority" in Pakistan but "it never speaks up".  Perhaps they're taking a cue from the cowards in the U.S. who are afraid to speak up against the Christian Taliban.

Meanwhile, Pakistan goes after a different kid for "blasphemy."  Seriously?  Kids?  WTF is wrong with that country?

In Canada, students who protest religion in schools have their way

Biden & Ryan represent two sides of American Catholicism, and it became an issue in the VP debate.

Even a neurosurgeon can be fooled by his brain.  Sam Harris explains what really happened.  Now if only Newsweek would feature Sam Harris's rebuttal in a cover story.  (Found via Why Evolution is True blog)

Liberty University grad & straight fundy lives life as a gay man for a year, then writes a book about it.

SCOTUS will debate gay marriage this year.  YAY!

Dearborn Michigan is the hub of Islam-Christian tug-of-war on Free Speech, with crazyass Koran-burning pastor the latest combatant.

The Hindu festival of Durga Puja sounds like fun or at least artistic and creative.  It sounds almost as commercial as Christmas, but with more colors.    The downside is that idols get thrown into rivers for um... some religious purpose... but they often contain lead-based paint.

A Baptist church ordained a gay man and other Baptist churches want to excommunicate that church... or something.  When Baptists are coming around you know the culture war is over.  Or... Baptists will have to rethink being Baptist and letting churches select their own clergy.  "The action also goes against the long-known Baptist principle of the autonomy of the local church"  If they want to drop that principle, then they'd be Episcopalians!

In Atlanta, Wal-Mart wants to sell liquor next door to a church.  The church thinks being withint a few hundred feet of liquor will damage their children's minds.  Seriously?  I can think of better reasons not to be near Wal-Mart (see photo)  The church won this battle, but I hope Wal-Mart appeals.  This law seems to me to be a clear violation of the First Amendment, since there is only sensitivity toward Christian establishments.  Why not ban Starbucks near Mormon temples or any store selling Spam near a mosque?  Or any meat-eating establishment near a Hindu temple?

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