Saturday, October 27, 2012

Links of the Week

The story of this suicide pact makes me want to find a friend like this guy's friend.  His sister tried to make him pray.  His friend gave him the peaceful ending he wanted.  I can't imagine the courage and loyalty there.

Oregon & Massachussetts are voting on whether to make assisted suicide legal.  There would be a lot fewer "murder"- suicides if people weren't forced to suffer by the outdated ideas of religious zealots.  In Canada (and perhaps elsewhere?) compassionate physicians are breaking the law.

In Pakistan, a degree-granting school for girls and young women is being named after Malala.  The students are nervous but not intimidated.  Parents support it too.  Good for them.  I hope the Taliban gets thrown out on its arse for what they did to that girl.  This is reminiscent of Brown vs. Board of Education... but worse.

We shouldn't pat ourselves too hard on the back, though.  International observers will be watching our election, and they are facing a threat of criminal prosecution for doing so.  Perhaps a certain party is worried that their vote-stealing scheme might get outed.
The Center for Inquiry is taking on the issue of secular celebrants in the backward hick-infested Fundy State of Indiana, where only clergy are permitted to do it currently.

Jesus for President, 2012!  Yay!  (I hope they siphon off enough Republican voters to give Virginia, Florida & Ohio to Obama!)

Even health care workers can be infected with the anti-science virus.  All health care companies should adopt a mandatory flu shot order as a way of weeding out people who shouldn't be working there in the first place.

European Catholics think they have to out-evangelize Islam.  Well at least they're not using the word "crusade."  Well, that's what they say.  Perhaps they were inspired by the French government's financial support of contraception and abortion.

Muslims celebrate the Feast of Sacrifice at Angel Stadium.  The "most important" holiday celebrates Abraham's willingness to sacrifice Isaac.  Ummm yay for the Religion of Peace?

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