Friday, October 19, 2012

Linky Links this Week

Japanese shrine to WW2 dead a harbinger of right-wing sentiment.  I feel the same way when I see hick cars and trucks with Confederate flags in the U.S.  What is wrong with these people?

In Turkey, a musician is on trial for blasphemy.  Why do they care what a musician thinks?   Just how weak is this theology anyway?  First they shoot a little girl for going to school next they are afraid of a musician's opinions.

Is Judaism compatible with atheism?  I love this quote: "I’m aware of all the wrongs of organized religion – which is why I prefer Judaism, because it’s a very disorganized religion."  The writer is in Canada, which probably explains why he is oblivious to the fundamentalist trend in American Judaism where I used to live (Brooklyn).  "Cultural Jews" are pretty cool people on the whole.  If I couldn't be openly atheist I would tell people I'm Jewish but be one of those cultural Jews that doesn't really believe any of the holy moly stuff.

Speaking of Brooklyn, in Crown Heights, where I once worked, a crazy Jew who fell asleep naked while trespassing or something, got beat up by the cops and now the community is up in arms.  Nobody is questioning why he isn't wearing a top hat and has apparently cut his hair, not to mention why he sleeps naked in places he doesn't belong.  I hope someone helps the poor guy!

Genital correctness isn't going over in Evangelical Christian circles.  Sing along everybody! "You say vagina, I say... SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

Ted Haggard seems to be evolving on the issue of gay marriage.  He almost sounds rational here!

The U.S. Air Force Academy allows celebration of a Hindu deity.   They'll portray it as an attempt at inclusiveness, but really they just don't want to give up Evangelical prosletyzing.  Still, rather a good thing that cadets may develop a little understanding of others.

The New York Times says the Benghazi attack committed by extremists who were inspired by that stupid video, but there was not a demonstration.  "It was the Ansar al-Shariah people,” said Mohamed Bishari, 20, a neighbor of the compound who watched the assault and described the brigade he saw leading the attack. “There was no protest or anything of that sort.” " ... not al qaeda.  Mitt Romney will continue to claim Obama should have known 100% of the details within hours of the attack, of course, even though the bad guys made no claims of responsibility. This same group has attacked consulates of other countries over perceived insults to their thin-skinned prophet.

Russia destroys a Pentecostal church in Moscow as part of their crack-down on non-Orthodox Christianity.  Now that Godless Communism is gone, uhhhh yay? 


LadyAtheist said...

Not from this week but I just discovered it, an interview with an expert on Mormonism:

Craig Martin said...

what you and people of your ilk do not understand that without the moral compass that religion provides us the world would long ago degenerated into anarchy. I am not particularly religious, but I certainly do no critisize those that do have personal beliefs, no matter what their religious beliefs are.

LadyAtheist said...

If religiosity were such a powerful influence then why are there so many pedophiles running youth programs in churches?

I criticize hypocritical believers more than believers per se. Believing in a fairy tale becuase one believes everyone else in the world is worse than onself is hardly a good reason to believe. See? I criticized your logic rather than you.