Sunday, October 7, 2012

This Othe Week (of Links) that Was

Jewish kids in the South face prosletyzing by classmates. (found via The Religious Clause)

Mormonism as a Work of Art, yes, really.  Nevermind the fraud and psychosis of Joseph Smith.  It was just artistic license.

The author/translater who popularized Martin Buber passed away this week.  This obituary is an interesting read.

Animals all over the country were blessed this week in honor of St. Francis.  A priest blogs about how pointless it is for the animals, but a feel-good thing for the two-legged owners.  It's funny how often reglious people openly admit that their supernatural pleas really don't have supernatural power, and they don't even realize how hypocritical they sound.

Pakistan has a human rights council!  The Standing Committee on Human Rights addressed the problem of girls being forced to convert from Hinduism to Islam and other issues.  Why aren't boys being forced to convert?  Oh yeah, a man can marry four women, so mathematically the Muslims should be forcing some of their sons to deconvert (or blow themselves up).

In France, a "sweep" netted nine arrests and one death of potential Islamic terrorists.  It was a big multi-city project and they only found this many? 

Posters supporting Israel and portraying Islamic terrorists as "savages" must be posted in Washington, D.C. Metro stations.  There will be only four stations, though.  I imagine the Pentagon will be one, but what are the other three?

Evangelical Pentacostalism is influencing Brazilian fashion!  If the photos are correct, at least there's still some sense of style in the newly converted.  The Pentacostal nutters around here dress like 19th century farmers.

Oh boo hoo... if Mormons keep reaching out to poor countries they may not rake in as much money.  10% of a pittance is what?  A shittance?

Pat Robertson says America belongs to Jesus at the America for Jesus event, which drew fewer than 10,000 people.  Security handles hecklers by praying for them.  Uhhh yeah, keep that up.  If he had a gun would you pray for him to drop it?

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