Sunday, November 4, 2012

Links, mostly political sad to say

Romney on Mormonism, the whole interview.  He's very testy.  How charming would he be in discussions with world leaders?

We know how he is with women:  he would let a woman die rather than abort, and he would try to force a single mom to give up her baby for adoption or face excommunication.

The New Republic's article on Mormonism and Capitalism is interesting reading & references some books on the history of Mormonism.  The more I know the more creeped out I am so don't look for book reviews here.  Link them here if you write em, though!
The Taliban kills an anti-Taliban official in Pakistan.  Apparently Osama bin Laden's rhetoric about the U.S. having too much influence in Saudi Arabia was a hollow excuse for his true goal: destroy secularism.  They found some closer to home, but it will be a hollow victory in the end.  They can't possibly think people will let them rule over them after all this carnage.

Tuesday's election may see the first U.S. congress member who is a Hindu.

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mostly political sad to say

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