Saturday, January 19, 2013

Link round-up

"Spiritual Healer" needs cabbage juice to cure cancer. Why not just zap the cancer away with a few voodoo words?

NYT: Warning Signs of Violence Often Unclear  “But most mass murders are done by working-class men who’ve been jilted, fired, or otherwise humiliated — and who then undergo a crisis of rage and get out one of the 300 million guns in our country and do their thing,” Dr. Stone said.

Chilling memoir of militant Islamists in Kashmir forcing Hindus into exile.  (I had to look up the word "Pandit," which is the origin of the word "pundit."  It means learned people)

Catholics amend unsanitary practices during flu season.  I always thought drinking from a common communion chalice was creepy but I was assured the alcohol in the wine killed the germs.

Catholic churches in Germany turn away rape victims rather than deal with the question of abortion

Disgraced gay cross-dressing suspended priest busted on meth charges.  What I don't understand is how you can tell if a priest is a cross-dresser when they are required to wear something resembling a dress at work!

Brooklyn is still Jewish!  There are 561,000 Jews in Brooklyn, 1/3 of New York's Jews, and the Jewish population is very diverse.  It was very diverse when I lived there in the 1980s.  That's why Jewish stereotypes make me facepalm.  I knew ultra-orthodox, Hassidic, and ham-eating shiksa-dating reform Jews there.

Evangelicals are starting to come around and drop their bigotry against gays.  Not only have they figured out that gay people are just gay, not evil, they've also figured out that the Bible is ambiguous.

Meanwhile, Untouchable Hindu "Dalits" can finally enter a temple, thanks to the deity setting a price for their sins: a little assistance with funds for decorating.  Anti-gay Christian denominations should pay attention.  This could be the path to rapprochment for them!

It's not just the Catholic church that's been covering up a pedophilia problem.  Evangelicals are being taken to task for it too.


Infidel753 said...

German hospital link: "The Cellites Foundation said that a 'misunderstanding' had led to the woman being turned away, and that an internal inquiry was being held to find out what had happened."

I can tell them what happened -- their stupid religion happened. This woman was turned away by two Catholic hospitals (not churches, note). That shows it's a pattern and probably a policy, not a "misunderstanding".

Dr. Maiworm was right. This is a "morality" out of the Dark Ages.

LadyAtheist said...