Sunday, February 3, 2013

A few links

Extreme Sports "star" dies.  Now the only prize he can win is a Darwin Award.

Abortion protester banned from all of D.C.  I wonder how that will stand up in court.  I think considering his latest stunt was climbing a tree in the freezing cold without gloves, he could easily be committed for being a danger to himself or others.

Lawrence Krauss on the difference between science and religion (from the Why Evolution is True blog)

Live by the Sword, die by the sword...  this murder is a shame, but the real question is, will conspiracy theorists blame Jesse Ventura?

India will have a Violence Against Women act finally.  Perhaps they will shame Congress into reauthorizing the U.S.'s Violence Against Women Act.

Perhaps that's because one of Hinduism's sects is called "Smartism."

Pedophile priest still gets a promotion in Newark, N.J.  His name is "Fugee."  Wyclef Jean could not be reached for comment.

The Los Angeles Archdiocese released info on 122 pedophile priests, and relieved Cardinal Mahony of his "duties" for his role in covering up sex abuse.  Better late than never?  (the L.A. Times has some of the documents online here)

There's a new book out on Scientology, but you can't get it in Canada.

Next weekend is Evolution Weekend... in churches!


L.Long said...

Live by the Sword, die by the sword....
Well it is a cover up of the fact that the guy was killed by the REAL sniper in a fit of cold rage because he was not given the credit for the book.

Anonymous said...

"...(from the Why Evolution is True blog)."

Jerry's gonna have a word or two with you about this, I expect, LA. ;-)

Pete Moulton

LadyAtheist said...

uh oh!

LadyAtheist said...

I actually agree with Ron Paul!

Gun nuts are so blinded by their passion that they think giving guns to mentally ill people is a way to help them? Adam Lanza's mother comes to mind too.