Friday, May 31, 2013

June 1 Link Roundup

How did the turtle get its shell?  I had no idea the subject was divisive amongst biologists but I love how this story unfolds.  Scientists took a new look at old evidence based on the discovery of new evidence.  This story would be a great example to tell people who believe that scientists are "dogmatic."

And the dark side of evolution: collapse of ecosystems.  In Brazil, deforestation has reduced the number of birds, which has reduced the size of seeds, which could cause the rest of the forest to fail to thrive.

New book, Bible Bullies, looks at the bullies and their un-Christian policies, from the perspective of liberal / mainstream Christianity.

Stats on religion of immigrants to the U.S.  14% nones

The local paper publishes an ignorant rant about the local creationist professor.  I hope this is the bottom of the barrel.  If there are people here that are more ignorant than this guy they probably can't put pen to paper.

Picture of the week:  Weather Channel Storm Chaser vehicle, which got too close to a big one, got picked up then dropped and rolled several times.  No fatalities but I suspect all the passengers needed a change of underpants:

Video of the Week: Lip-Synch to Tom Lehrer's "New Math"
Who says Math Club kids are geeks? This guy rocks

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