Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 25 Link Round-up

St. Denis face-palming the hard way
In France, a right-wing nutjob commits suicide in Notre Dame to protest gay marriage.  Really.  You can't make this shit up.   The best part: he put the barrel of a gun into his mouth.  Was that a message or a Freudian slip?

Wolf Blitzer tries to get a godly soundbite out of a young mother who survived the May 20 tornado, and it turns out she's an atheist.  Whoops!  (Don't try to find this on CNN's site.  Somehow they didn't archive it)

Ricky Gervais tells twits people on Twitter to do something instead of praying for tornado victims.  Twitstorm ensues.

An introverted mathematician achieves superstar status (in that field) for solving ages-old problem.  He credits perseverence.  God gets no credit.

Faith-healing-killing couple accused of third degree murder for the death of a second child.  Their pastor blames them... for a "spiritual lack."

Indy 500 Week includes prayer and Catholic masses.  If you want to drive in circles at 200 mph you're fucking insane to begin with.  Why would God protect you?  Check your tires instead, dumbasses!

Google in the Galapagos!  Cool!

Cornell study of WW2  veterans finds they are more religious if they experienced heavier combat.   Is this lovely quote a swipe against atheists or the internet?  "They don’t see themselves as an isolated person surfing on the Internet"

Home-schooled kid kills two siblings.  Besides the anti-science indoctrination, I disagree with homeschooling because it gives the parents double the time to fuck up their kids psychologically.

Seth Andrews, The Thinking Atheist, has been disappeared from the history of the Christian radio station where he used to work.

ACLU warns Ohio school system to drop plans to add creationism to their curriculum.

14-year-old kid with an IQ higher than Einstein, giving a TED Talk for Teens.

Evolution in action: cockroach variety losing its sweet tooth.   The best news in the article: there is a species of cockroaches that lives in ant nests.  That gives me some Schadenfreude.

Video of the Week: How to Spot a Liar
(posted for anyone tempted to watch a video of William Lane Craig)


Infidel753 said...

The best part: he put the barrel of a gun into his mouth. Was that a message or a Freudian slip?

The real fervent gay-haters are usually repressed homosexuals subconsciously fighting against their own impulses (look how many of them get caught with male prostitutes). Perhaps M. Venner blasted his way out of the closet at last.

LadyAtheist said...

They are the only people who could possibly look at homosexuality as a choice -- they are choosing to repress themselves, so they think everyone else should too.

L.Long said...

I don't buy into the lying thing. I heard the guy who invented the 'LIE TO ME' technique praised then unpraised for his work. I followed the various lie detector WAGs (wild ass guesses), and it all breaks down to I can tell the talker is stressed about something but all the rest is pure WAG. I have yet to see more then 3 experts agree on their validity. ALso all the examples I have seen have been post-dictions, I would like to see the same video where they are predicting the lies and then find out how true they were.
But it was a very interesting video.

LadyAtheist said...

I work with someone who lies to me constantly, which is extremely annoying. It's easy to tell when he's lying and it's mainly those "tells" in the video. The creepy grinning thing is the most obvious one for this person. "That was the next thing on my list!" *smirk* I have become a total nag at work and I hate having to do it, especially since I keep getting that response.

Christian said...

I absolutely loved the interview with Wolf Blitzer. I was so proud of that lady and so amused by the WTF look of surprise on his face. I suppose he didn't expect that in the bible belt.

LadyAtheist said...

Good for her but shame on him for goading her to that point. He should let her tell her story and not try to pry the story he wants to film out of her.