Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 29 Links

Former President Jimmy Carter blasts religious leaders for treatment of women and girls.

Anti-Islam American blogger not allowed into Britain.  I have to admit, what she says is more like "hate speech" than anything I've seen on atheist blogs.  Still, you have to wonder about the U.K.'s laws.

Baptists are boycotting the Boy Scouts, thus proving how silly and bigoted they are. Perhaps this is why they have been conducting fewer baptisms.

PBS interviews an author and survivor of the Exodus pray-the-gay-away "ministry."

National Geographic asks, How much do you know about science?

Victor Stenger radio interview, mainly about the history of science, which is apparently the topic of his latest book:  God and the Atom.

Video of the Week "God's Loophole" by Garfunkel & Oates (lyrics NSFW):


Christian said...

I think we should say about Geller that she supports the BNP (British National Party) which is basically a very nationalist (some say fascist) party. And she was invited by them to talk about the Woolwhich murder. So to refuse her entry I would have to say I congratulate the British for it.

L.Long said...

G&O are smart and right on target with the silly xtian BS, but they should do one on catholic rape. Which is if during sex the girl says (in a panting voice)...No...No... you shouldn't do this (and holding the boy tight) then she has not committed a sin because the boy raped her, cuz she said no! This was the method way back, I don't know if that still goes on.
But the strange part in this .....
Looking at the song and my example above its the girls worrying about what their main squeeze, jesus, will say about them phucking someone. But the boys don't seem to have a problem with telling jesus they had a good time phucking his girls???? Religion is not only strange but it is down right weird.