Friday, June 7, 2013

June 8 Link Round-Up

Oldest (yet) primate fossil found in China.  It's as small as a mouse and was probably cute as a button.   Who's my widdle primate fossil?  *tickle tickle*

Frank Lautenberg's legacy includes legislation that enabled Jewish immigration from Russia.

How the human face may look in 100,000 years.  I think they grossly underestimate the time to sense-enhancing implants and grossly overestimate the changes to our eyes, but you can't get into Forbes by keeping the eyes the same!

Essay confirms (my) theory that evangelicals are more interested in the psychological effect of their love-bombing religion than in the theological tenets. 

Piers Morgan interviews schizoid game-playing parent-killer, Joshua Cooke, who credits God with whatever sanity he currently possesses.  (Link is to the part about video games, but by the time you see this there may be a link to the whole interview)

Baptists still divided over predestinationThe Southern Baptist Convention issued a statement because seminaries are turning out hard-line Calivinists who are out of step with the majority.  Hey, if they can't agree within their own denomination, why do they think they should take over the government?  Meanwhile, their numbers are falling.

The FBI will follow hate crimes against more religions, including Hindus and Sikhs.  Atheists were already on the list!

Hick town south of Dayton, Ohio considers creationism in the schools.  The Tea Party approves of the creationism idea.  Big surprise!

Methodist pastors have doubts about creationism.

Video of the Week:  Dan Dennett "You Might be an Atheist if..."

Second Video of the Week: Cenk Uygur (The Young Turks) interviews Todd Stiefel:   "Is Religion a Drug?"


Christian said...

I love the 1 million likes picture. I think it is possibly the funniest religious picture I have seen this year. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just want to tell you, your article on libertarianism is hilariously stupid bullshit full of the dumbest strawman arguments around.

Enjoy being a tool for the corporate/statist government you worthless fuck.

Oh, lol I see you watch the young turds as well.

You're still in fucking church you shit eating psychopath.

Christian said...
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Christian said...

Wow anonymous. So brave! commenting and using foul language, good to see your intellectually stimulating remarks.

LadyAtheist said...

This is why I closed comments for that post!