Saturday, July 13, 2013

Creation "Evidence" Expo next weekend

Oh Indiana, you do not disappoint.  I tried to explain to my friends and family just how hick this place is but it just defies description sometimes.

Next weekend the local Baptist church that happens to run a Christian school (the area's main one) is hosting a Creation Evidence Expo.  Evidence?  Really?  And this isn't their first one.  I'm starting to get an understanding of the ignorant responses in the local paper to the Ball State ID course.

The description says it all:  "True science supports the biblical account of Creation. Returning to GBC is Dr. Jay Wile who holds a Ph.D. in Nuclear Chemistry from the University of Rochester. He’ll detail the evidence, give his testimony of salvation, and relate his evolution-to-Creation journey."
They've invited a whackjob "physicist" and supposedly his "salvation" is relevant to the discussion of creationism.  This guest is Jay Wile, a YEC who writes and self-publishes creationist textbooks.  What the blurb doesn't say is that he doesn't have a university job, or a real job in science at all.  His entire career is devoted to crackpot pseudoscience.   On his site, he unabashedly posts his pathetic c.v.   His only teaching experience at the university level was... guess where?  Ball State University.  Yes, children, it does appear that Ball State is indeed the place to go if you have a Ph.D. and no respect for actual science.  On the other hand, he only lasted three years, then he went on to greener pastures as a computer techie.  Smells like tenure denial to me.

There is a pamphlet/flyer titled 10 questions to ask your biology teacher.  I'd like to riff on it and put out a list of 10 Questions to Ask Your Creationism teacher, then pass it out to attendees at this seminar lie-fest.


p.s. He weighed in on the Hedin case, too, claiming to have taught "many years" at Ball State.  uhhh no, he taught for three years.  Three are not many.


Christian said...

I have been reading more about Bell State. Apparently they have now employed a new astronomy professor.... who is a creationist. Guess they are not worried about rankings.

LadyAtheist said...

I made a page of links about it:

Hayley said...

Oh man! I know this guy. We have a few mutual acquaintances. I knew he was pretty religious and wrote xian textbooks, but I had no clue he was a young earth creationist. I can say that in every instance that I have been in his presence, he has seemed sanctimonious and pretty full of himself. Now whenever I see him, a layer of batshit insane will be added.

L.Long said...

Well that is one expo that will not take long to see. Walk in, see empty room, walk out!

L.Long said...

The 10 questions????
LOL stupid!
Answered all in under the time it took to read them. The questions are evidence that Creationist are not only stupid and 'liars for Cheeses' but cowards too scared to face reality. And OK evilution is wrong!! Now where is THEIR evidence that their BS is right?????

LadyAtheist said...

Yep but they are swallowing this stuff hook, line, and sinker. And they have huge political power in this backwater state. They are like bulldozers trying to knock down everything we've built in the past 200+ years

LadyAtheist said...

@ Hayley, he looks smarmy in his official photo. The kind of smarmy that smells like hypocritical pseudo-Christian milking the faithful for millions then spending it on gay sex and drugs

L.Long said...

Hey! Lady!
Shame on you for judging by appearances!!!
What you should ask is 'Is he making lots of money? Is he giving it all away to the poor? How many girl friends does he do???
OK so you may be right after all!