Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 20 Link Roundup

Zoom from theoretical subatomic particles to the observable universe at this cool site.

Lewis Black tells Rick Perry, Don't Fuck with New York!

The Atheism sub-reddit of Reddit got booted off the main page.

I wonder if Paula Deen has seen this parody of her portrayed by a black woman.  It's hilarious.

The ACLU sent Frankfort, KY a letter threatening a lawsuit if they permitted Gideon Bibles to be distributed in schools.   A religious "freedom" organization counter-lettered.

In Pakistan, 717 people were killed in religious violence last year.  (This doesn't count people killed in drone strikes ordered by Americans who think God blesses the country)  Most were Shia muslims.

The most controversial topics on Wikipedia, i.e. the 'edit wars' are about religion.  

England's supreme court is pondering whether Scientology wedding ceremonies are "religious."

Video of the Week: Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial
After all the coverage of the Zimmerman trial, this video is a welcome change:


Grundy said...

I noticed the Atheism subreddit was missing from the defaults. Because of their shake-up maybe? I guess "earthporn" is just more popular.

L.Long said...

Viewed the Kids and when I see them acting so articulate I always wonder how they were coached. I like their observations but still...

LadyAtheist said...

Some of these kids have been doing these videos for two years. I doubt they've been coached but the filmmakers no doubt edited the answers. Most kids really don't understand racism. Even I would have been puzzled too in my generation because I didn't grow up with racist parents.

Sauls Thomas said...

for the FAKE ANGLO-SAXON MONARCHY,54144.0.html