Friday, July 26, 2013

July 27 Links

Dogs' memories are as good as human's. Their "declarative memory" is, anyway.

Federal judge blocks unconstitutional North Dakota abortion bill.

Hijab tourism pisses off women who are forced to wear it, or choose to, or whatever.  Sheesh.  How could learning what life is like for other people first-hand be a bad thing?

I can't wait to hear how authentic rednecks feel about this example of gun tourism.

Wanted: Young Creation "Scientists"  Apparently recruiting believers to science is as difficult as getting scientists to be liars for Jesus.

Scientist fights back against climate deniers who accuse him of fudging the data.

Rush Limbaugh is now a right-wing welfare bum.  He & Sean Hannity take payola to talk up conservative organizations.

Mormons are ending door-to-door missionary practice.  ... in part because people answer the door with firearms!

Here's a contest winner for ya:  Smallest Penis in Brooklyn! (photos tastefully edited)

Mind-raped by the Christian right!  An alcoholism program is a lure for a fundy cult.

North Dakota anti-abortion nutters put creepy fetus dolls into candy bags for children at parade!

The North Pole has melted.  Here it is, frame by pitiful frame.  (Snopes is currently trying to verify it)

The Atlantic goes after Food Nazis.  (found via Weird Things)

Video of the Week:  The Young Turks (TYT) ask "Is the Internet Destroying the Mormonism?"


L.Long said...

Well DA!!!
Moremanism is the 2nd most stupid religion ever, right behind Scientology, with all others tied for 3rd place.
And the free information transfer that the infernal-net supplies just shows how silly they all are.

LadyAtheist said...

I think the internet has probably deconverted people from all religions, except perhaps the Amish!

LadyAtheist said...
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