Saturday, August 10, 2013

August 10 Link Round-up

Baptist pastor expelled from church for attending Rick Ross ("God Forgives, I Don't") concert.  Oh the irony.

The Slate reports on the sexual harrassment problem in secularism.

Crazy Christian in Washington (state) blows up the family dog because it had demons.

Two British teens visiting Zanzibar are the victims of an acid-throwing attack.... because they sang during Ramadan.  Seriously?  Singing?

Conservatives don't care about the consequences of their "morality."  Someone got paid to study that.  I picked the wrong career!

Teens exploited by churches around the country to demand a ridiculous exhibit comparing abortion to the Holocaust.  Even sadder, they're probably aware of being used and proud of it.

Former  basketball coach converts to Islam, goes off the rails, threatens Mormons & Catholics, and gets arrested for pot possession.  Yes, this is the real reason pot is illegal: to get people you don't like off the streets.

Link round-up at a blog I've recently started following, "No Longer Quivering"  Great links, great blog.

Atheism is considered a suicide risk by the military.

Clashes between Hindus and moslems in Kashmir, the only Islamic-majority part of India.

Salon says it misses Hitch more than ever since a video of Kissinger dancing with Colbert goes viral.  (with video interview of Hitch from 2001)

A humanist chaplain at Harvard explains why a humanist/atheist chaplain would be a good idea in the military.

The Barking Atheist challenges Rep. Michael Burgess on his vote to deny atheist chaplains in the military.  Check out the Barking Athiest's blog, too.  His video of this event is the video of the week, below:


Infidel753 said...

Seriously? Singing?

Yes, seriously. I know of an incident in the Gaza Strip under Hamas rule where the police attacked a wedding party because there was music and dancing, and actually beat the groom to death. There were no women at the party -- nothing so "scandalous" as that -- but music is, strictly speaking, un-Islamic.

Although frankly I think some of these guys just like throwing acid on people.

LadyAtheist said...

Agreed. They can't stand it that other people can have fun.

L.Long said...

'The Slate reports on the sexual harrassment problem in secularism.'
No there are many problems with sexual harassment EVERYWHERE!!!
The main difference is that secularist can't use the "insert holey book" as an excuse.

'Two British teens visiting Zanzibar are the victims of an acid-throwing attack.... because they sang during Ramadan. '
Yes it is serious and it is very bad...BUT...
note to stupid British teens--You ARE NOT IN BRITAIN!!! you idiot nits!!! I'm sorry they are hurt but what? they don't look at the news? Don't surf the net? Live in isolation and where totally ignorant of the world situation? If so then I'm really sorry for their situation at home too.
What some could do is go to Zanzibar and as you get off the plane everyone put on clear plastic suits with helmets, with a sign on your chests saying "where the acid throwers arrested and in jail??" Walk around for a few days and tell all store owners that no money will be spent until there is justice, then leave. Their morals are disgusting, so the only way to get them a message is thru their pockets.
And NO!! I am NOT blaming the victims for the acid throwing, I blame them for thinking they were still in Britain.
The sad thing is that during the dark ages I would rather live in the middle east then Europe, but today no way. I spent many enjoyable years thru Europe and Britain refused and will never go to the middle east, which is a shame as I like their drumming, dancing, music, and ancient science (their present science sucks).

LadyAtheist said...

Neil DeGrasse Tyson points out that the arab world had the best science until a wave of fundamentalism quashed it in ca. 1100 and they've never recovered. The U.S. could be next if we let the fundies dictate science

Christopher B. Camia said...

Slate does a pretty good job of having atheisty content. It's one of my fav information sources. Hope summer is going well. Awesome.