Thursday, August 15, 2013

More Child Abuse in the Name of Religion

In the local paper today, a Christian couple that starved their children after leaving Muncie to join some cult in Branson, Missouri, are being held to account:

According to documents at the time of their arrest, Jason and Amy Doty told police they had moved to Branson, Mo., in March 2012 “to follow a church ministry there.” While there, the family ran through its savings; the parents acknowledged they would go without feeding the children for two to four days at a time, and had noticed them losing weight but did not seek assistance or medical attention until they returned to Muncie, just days before their arrest.

...The younger girl, who was taken to Riley Hospital for Children for severe malnutrition in June 2012, had stopped walking by the time she was hospitalized, according to police at the time. She eventually learned to crawl and then walk again, but suffered irreversible brain damage as a result of malnutrition, Whitehead reported.Both girls lost much of their hair, had seriously compromised immune systems and had physical problems as a result of poor hygiene. Both still suffer from nightmares and have trouble eating, being prone to “gag and puke” regularly at the table during meals, the aunt said.
But... seven years is the sentence.  Seven years?  They should stay in jail until the children are 18 at least.   And these idiots want to gain custody of the children.  Fortunately, an aunt has taken them in and cared for them and wants to adopt them.

An Arizona couple went even further, geographically at least.  They left the country in a boat -- with their toddler and newborn -- to escape supposed religious persecution in the U.S.  The Young Turks got it right:  God didn't help them navigate, so the couple got lost, then "miraculously" rescued, and they wound up in Chile, where abortion is illegal.  So perhaps God wanted them to be in Chile.... but no, now they're going back to the U.S., paid for by the State Department.


Infidel753 said...

These people are really, really tempting natural selection to remove them from the gene pool. Too bad we can't just let nature take its course.

LadyAtheist said...

Someone should tell them they can't get a Darwin Award for offing their own offspring!

L.Long said...

The people leaving on a boat to avoid their imaginary religious problems are back in USA and under arrest for grand theft, at least that is what I have heard. So it was not so much a religion thing.

Anonymous said...

Those idiots were headed to Kiribati, an island nation whose President has already begun evacuations because the rising sea level will be swamping their islands pretty soon. We do grow 'em stupid in Arizona!

Pete Moulton