Sunday, October 13, 2013

Indiana Link Round-up

I haven't had time for posting lately, and it's all I can do to keep up with the religion news in Indiana anyway.

Most recently, Jerry Coyne posts a letter from the FFRF to an Indiana school district that has two creationists in the science classroom.

In Muncie, the annual Fields of Faith had a military theme.  If your god needs an army of teenagers, then maybe he's not so omnipotent, is he?  Supposedly these things are led by students, but you can bet youth pastors were driving the buses that arrived by the uhhh busload.  Shining examples of pedophilia behind the wheel, no doubt, like this guy from nearby Hartford City.

As I wrote before, the Discovery Institute tried a tit-for-tat complaint against Ball State, making demands that supposedly parallel the case against Hedin.

Ball State responded to the Discovery Institute demands:  They won't revisit Intelligent Design, they claim they would have reviewed the courses the DI objected to, anyway, as part of continuous review, and they will review all the courses offered under the course number of Hedin's course.  In other words, up yours, DI!  The discovery institute threatened further actions.  Ohhh  I'm shaking in my shoes!

The Discovery Institute's John West sent a letter to the Muncie paper taking offense at having "Intelligent Design" linked to "creationism."  He also whines about ID being banished from science classrooms.

A couple of fundamentalist Christian students write to the Ball State student newspaper

So that's the local news.  The video(s) of the week have to be Malala on the Daily Show.  She exemplifies non-violent protest in asserting her right to an education.

There are three segments, one on-air and two off-air, all available here: