Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Religious Parents Neglect a Child to Death... Again...

Washington Post: Minn. Parents Let Son (7) Suffer wounds, inflamed Pancreas, With No Medical Attention Before He Died, Police Say
The parents had “issues with going to doctors”, they told authorities, and instead relied on their own research, giving the boy vitamins, “medical honey” and Neosporin, adding later that they “prayed” for the boy’s health.
Incredibly, this is a misdemeanor!
In a statement, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said the office initially approached the case as a homicide, given the boy’s physical injuries and apparent emotional trauma. But after a year of reviewing the evidence and medical information, investigators could not link the parents’ alleged actions — or alleged lack of actions — to Seth’s pancreatitis and death. As a result, Freeman said, prosecutors imposed the most serious charge the law allows, the gross misdemeanor charge of neglect of a child resulting in substantial physical harm.

To add insult to (fatal) injury, they started a crowdfunding page and bragged about what great parents they were. It's offline now but the WaPo quotes:
After their son’s death, the Johnsons created a crowdfunding page on, raising $7,000 to “ease the financial burdens” of funeral expenses and leave from work, so that “Tim and Sarah can focus on getting their family through this difficult time.” Their son, they wrote, died unexpectedly in their home.

On the fundraising page, which has since closed, the Johnsons wrote that Seth “was a very quiet and hurting little boy” when he joined their family.

“His family embraced him completely and loved him unconditionally, and slowly began to see growth and change,” they wrote.

His parents “taught him about God’s love,” they added. “What it meant to be loved. What it meant to give love.”
It took over a year for authorities to figure out what happened and what to do about it.  If there really were a god, he would have smote these pigs by now!   Fortunately no other children died in their care in the meantime.

A lot of prisoners are parents who truly love their kids and regret not being better parents to them.  Instead of beating themselves up, they will have better targets now.... assuming the authorities have the kahonas to imprison them.

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