Non-Theistic Charities

Non-theistic charities, though of course they may tick off theists upon occasion.  Several highly rated non-theistic charities have non-skeptical biases (such as Food and Water Watch) and I'm not including those.  Let me know if I accidentally included one.  This list was compiled from various lists, including Charitywatch's Top-Rated Charities list and Charity Navigator.  There are many more I could have included, especially medical and environmental ones.  Some of the social services charities I wanted to list were too hard to verify in terms of non-prosletyzing being part of their "mission"  On the other hand, some that I included on the list won't even use the word "mission," which I appreciate!  A special interest of mine is service dogs for disabled people.  Breeding and training these dogs can cost more than $10,000, and the recipients are often unable to pay due to the very disability these dogs will help them overcome.

*  Note;  The Coalition to End Homelessness has as its vice president a member of Catholic Charities, but I have included this charity because so many atheist teens and college students have been thrown out of their homes after coming out, and in many cities the only homeless shelters are run by theists.  This charity works to create permanent housing and policies for the homeless rather than supporting theistic shelters.


Anonymous said...

I also donate to these three non-theistic nonprofits: Animals Asia, Freedom From Religion Foundation, and Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.

Anonymous said...

FYI - Rotary clubs at every level in the USA include pray at all types of meetings/gatherings and events. In some cases it may be referred to as an invocation. But as with pray an invocation includes various ways to call on a god or deity - this is not a non-theist or atheist group - although Rotary International (RI)esposes to be a non- religious and non political organization, clubs have the leeway to run meetings and use their own discretion (regardless of the statement of RI)this more often than not, includes the christian or other "non"- christian spiritual practice of invocation or pray - at it's meetings.

Brit said...

Thank you for this list.