Friday, May 6, 2011

David Barton vs. Jon Stewart

That "Wallbuilders" creep who is rewriting history textbooks tried to convince Stewart that he's not really just promoting a revisionist history that supports his theocracy agenda.   uhhh yeah...  He brings up the old chestnut of States' Rights.... that State Constitutions were allowed to be religious at the start of the country, as if the Fourteenth Century never straightened this problem out. 

He claims to have thousands of documents to prove all this, yet somehow the National Archives isn't pounding down his door to get to them. 

Conspiracy, I guess.

I'd like to see these "documents" he has that supposedly disprove the Constitution, the amendments, and the case law that defined them.  I'd like to see where the 14th amendment doesn't guarantee that all people have the same rights in whatever state they live in.

I wish those theocrats would just go ahead and take over Mississippi and be done with ... oh wait... they're all lazy asses who wouldn't be able to tolerate cotton picking in the hot sun.  I wonder how they would solve that...


Mike D said...

I was a little disappointed Jon Stewart wasn't a bit more aggressive. This guy's position was taken care of about 150 years ago, in the Civil War. He obviously doesn't seem familiar with article VI of the constitution which, last I checked, forbids religious litmus tests and states that federal law always supersedes state law.

LadyAtheist said...

Me too. He should have been ready for that. Maybe he was shocked by his secretive approach to poisoning school children with theocracy. Do the parents in those states know who's been tinkering with their children's education?

LadyAtheist said...

A constitutional scholar comes on to counter Barton's misinformation: