Sunday, May 15, 2011

Should Christians be trusted?

Okay, so now that we've established that Christians don't trust atheists, is there any reason why anyone should trust Christians?

Let's look at the evidence:
They believe their book is true because their book says it's true.  This means they'll believe almost anything they are told, so you can't trust anything they say.  Not only are they repeating something that might be untrue, they are so nonchalant about the truth that they may be making up their own lies.

They believe all their sins (including telling lies) have been forgiven by someone else's sacrifice for them.  This means that they can do whatever they want and it's been forgiven.  Some might say that Christians need to behave themselves after being saved, but we all know there's no limit to the number of times a Christian can "find Christ."  Just ask Jimmy Swaggart or any of the many philandering preachers who have repented and been welcomed back to the church.  Sure, the Catholics look at things differently but they still have a way of erasing their sins.  Protestant or Catholic, they believe they will or have been forgiven.  No personal accountability at all.

They believe their God loves them... and presumably hates everyone else.  That's a recipe for creating a bully if ever there was one!

They believe that Heaven or Hell are eternal destinations based solely on belief.  Sure, the Catholics have "mortal sins" in theory, but how many of them really believe they'll go to Hell for the lies they forgot to confess about?

They shop around for belief systems if they don't like the one they grew up in.  They don't usually travel far, like going to a more or less strict Protestant denomination or switching from Catholicism to Orthodox or Episcopalian.  If they can't be trusted to stick with one moral code what's to say they're not really making up their own moral code before they've switched?

They forgive the most outlandish garbage their "leaders" have perpetrated.  They say it's because forgiveness is a Christian thing to do, but it's really because they respect authority figures.  Even in the case of pedophile church leaders, probably 90% of the victims keep mum.  So you can bet that when they achieve some measure of authority they will feel the rules don't apply to them.  Everyone else who achieves authority does this too, of course.  Christianity does virtually nothing to stop misbehavior.  Look at the "C Street" politicians.

They don't trust atheists, so they may proactively screw us.  They probably do the same to members of other religions or denominations.  Jesus said turn the other cheek, but not getting slapped in the first place obviates all that feel-good lovey crap.  Screw others before they screw you.

They have a very short list of things that are "wrong."  They threw out over 600 rules because they felt like it (Christ didn't tell them to), and they picked out a few that fit with their prejudices, like men not screwing men.  Anything goes otherwise.

They are an overwhelming majority in the U.S.  This means they lack any perspective of what constitutes trampling on the rights of others, if they even imagine such a thing could be wrong.

They believe their god provides for them.  The most delusional are the "C Street" types who also believe that if they got elected it must have been God's will (not deceptive negative advertising paid for by corrupt lobbyists)


Sir Balderdash Poppycock III said...

May, 21, 2011 - Judgment Day

.... and there was much rejoicing ...

B.R. said...

I think I'm going to spread the link to this masterpiece both far and wide. I can't agree with you more, though you might have mentioned that for centuries, finding out that someone was an atheist was an excuse for Christians to torture and kill them(and maybe their families as well), and that since then, they've done nothing but spread lies about atheists, pagans, and any group of people that don't adhere to their morality.

In fact, the Middle Ages are another reason not to trust them; in the first couple centuries A.D., pagan sects competed fiercely with this new Jewish cult, and when the Christians took power, they had these religions exterminated. So what will happen to atheism, the Zombie Cult's biggest competitor(apart from Islam) if Christians like Pat Robertson ever take political power?

L.Long said...

Lady A you are so right, and as B.R. says you could have gone on for a very long post.
Although I have known many INDIVIDUAL 'good' Xtians I would not trust ANY religions people if there are more then 3 gathered together.

LadyAtheist said...

B.R. I think there are a lot of Christians and believers of other faiths that have equal reason not to trust them.

Dubya was their guy and look what happened. It makes me almost grateful for the corrupt lobbyists who pulled his strings for Big Oil. If they could really grab power, whatshisface wouldn't have chosen his Fox News career over politics.

But yeah... look what happens when they have power. They can't be trusted with it.

L.L., imagine how long this post would be if I'd started naming names!

B.R. said...

Of course; can't say that I trust Islam that much either. Any religion promising eternal life for believing, and eternal punishment for not believing, can't be trusted in my opinion, and we should be wary of people who adhere to them. I don't want to come across as saying that all, or most Christians and Muslims can't be trusted, but considering the insanity displayed by both cults from the first centuries A.D. to the present, caution is to be expected from normal folks.

By the way, do you remember Harvey Burnett? I did a refutation of a blog post by him last weekend. I posted the link on the last D.C. thread he commented on, but he hasn't shown up. I'm considering posting the link on his blog.

LadyAtheist said...

I don't remember him. Post the link on his blog! He can delete it if he wishes.

Heck, post it here too.

Christians claiming or assuming that they are more moral than atheists just piss me off. If I lived in a country full of self-righteous people from another religion I probably wouldn't trust them either!

B.R. said...

Sure thing. Here ya go.

I'm still not sold on the title of my post; any suggestions from youse guys? Also, I'm not worried about Harvey deleting the link, I'm just not yet sure if I want him at my blog.

B.R. said...

By the way, here's the definite work on religion, Metalocalypse style.

The best part is either the Church of Atheism or the Church of Satan(especially during the end credits).

LadyAtheist said...

B.R. I'm currently working on a post that is so far titled "Stupid stupid stupid stupid"

Sometimes one word says it all.

I read most of the original but I didn't have time to reply on your blog. The classic tropes of Christian stupidity are all there.

Allusive Atheist said...

If someone starts with the proposition that an ideology (including religious ideologies) is true then anything that directly challenges that ideology is necessarily wrong.

The obvious side effect of this is a preemptive rejection of contrary information and a proactive distrust of dissenters.

Less obvious is the Crusader Effect. If the ideology is correct, then any action taken to promote or defend the ideology is justified. Flagrant, horrifying examples abound of holy warriors, zealots and persecutors acting in the name of their most righteous cause.


Thanks for the post idea. Here's one for you: What is picketing? Isn't it political? Aren't churches who picket engaging in political discourse? Shouldn't that negate their tax-exempt status? (I really don't know and don't feel like researching atm)