Saturday, January 21, 2012

Your Faith is a Joke

I've never heard of this guy before but he's brilliant.  His name is Pat Condell and he's a British comedian.  This video isn't particularly funny but it's the straightest straight shooting I've seen in a long time.   We need more Americans speaking out like this, but we are surrounded by more bullies than the Brits are.  One day I'll feel I can post this to FB using my real life name, but for now I'll settle for posting it here for other atheists to see.


Mike D said...

Wow, you've really never heard of Pat Condell? He's been making videos like this for years and he's pretty well known in the atheist community. He has some views on Islam I don't totally agree with, but for the most part he's a smart and witty bastard.

Infidel753 said...

Oh, Condell is wonderful. I've used him as "video of the week" on my blog any number of times. He tells it like it is.

It's true that he focuses on Islam a lot, but in Britain, Islam is actually the biggest religious threat to sane people (recent example) -- Christianity has been pretty well de-fanged in most European countries. Condell doesn't give a free pass of any religion.

Chatpilot said...

I love Pat condell,in fact I am one of his regular subscribers on youtube. By the way Lady Atheist I also have a youtube channel with a couple of my own videos on religion feel free to look me up there I use the same user name as I do everywhere else on the web: chatpilot.

Chatpilot said...

Lady A, I got this video from a friend of mine via email. It is a video regarding what the world would be like if atheists acted like Christians. It's funny as hell take a look at it here:

L.Long said...

Yes Pat has had some conflict with the atheists as a whole especially about islame. But I listened to the contested videos and found nothing really bad about them.
I think he is usually spot on but no softy on so called moderates.

LadyAtheist said...

Chatpilot I'll check them out!

I think the British experience is so different because they have an official religion and unofficial lack of enforcement of belief. And we have official lack of enforcement of belief and unofficial bullying into one religion.

...and then we both worry about religious terrorists, but we have seen some Christian extremists unlike the U.K. I think it's been centuries since they had a murder in a church over matters of doctrine

Cyc said...

I have been watching Pat Condell for a while as well. He is one of my favorite ranters.

Human Ape said...

Off topic: Ms. Lady Atheist, you must be very proud of your Muncie, Indiana because they are in the news again.

Journalistic Derangement in Indiana

"In the Star Press of Muncie, Indiana we encountered this pathetic editorial: What’s so bad about creationism in public schools?"

On topic: The British people have Mr. Condell (and Richard Dawkins and Charles Darwin) but at least we Americans have you and this other young lady: Jessica Ahlquist AMA Response

LadyAtheist said...

Welcome back to the interwebs, Human Ape!

I posted about this bill earlier:

... and until I saw your post I was blissfully ignorant of the latest idiocy in the local paper. The responses to it are pretty good though. I hope someone writes a letter on our side soon. I don't think it'll be me.