Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Greetings from my Binder

When I send my resume to a potential employer, I don't want to be in a "women's" binder.  I want to be in the binder with everybody else who meets the minimum qualifications for the job I've applied for.  And then, I want my resume to stay there and duke it out with the other resumes and not be tossed into the circular file (or the "NO" binder?) just for being a woman's resume.  I don't want my potential employer to say, okay we've got five white men, now let's grab the women's binder, the Hispanic binder, the Asian binder, the black binder and the disabled binder and find some token hires.

Just thought I'd clarify that in case readers don't understand why that line has become the take-away from last night's debates.  (Just watched Piers Morgan repeatedly not getting "it")


Grundy said...

I usually choose "rather not say" for race and gender on applications. I always think a little affirmative action is going on.

Us white men can't catch a break. ;-)

LadyAtheist said...

Those questions are for reporting to the EEO the percentage of applicants in each category. Then if there's a complaint they have their track record to point to. So if they have 80% white men applying for the job, someone who complains that "only" white men get hired won't have a case if it turns out that 75-85% or so of applicants are white men and 80% of hires are white men. Conversely, if they have 50% women applying and 90% men getting the job, they may be in trouble if they're sued. In most correctly run places, they collect that information separately from the application itself.

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