Saturday, April 6, 2013

April 6 Link Round-Up

Last weekend was the American Atheist's 50th Anniversary Conference in Austin.  I wish I had gone!  I used to live in Austin, and I missed it a LOT this winter!  Some videos:

North Carolina wants to assert states' rights over the Establishment Clause 

Man who defrauded Christians receives sentence of 65 months in prison.  No word on his time in Purgatory.

Apparently Christians are easy marks for Ponzi schemes.  The Foundation for New Era Philanthropy scammed $135 million in the 1990s.  Members of an Atlanta megachurch and other churches (including Osteen's church) were fleeced to the tune of  $11 million.  "He quoted scriptures!"  Well then of course he was trustworthy!  the term for this is "Affinity Fraud."  Let us prey!

Nevada legislator receives death threats after admitting she had an abortion as a teen.   If you threaten to kill someone are you still "pro-life?"

The Psychiatric Treatment of the Fundamentalist Patient in Medscape Today accuses psychiatrists of not being understanding enough of the benefits of religious belief.

50 Ways to be a Loser in Life (Note that reading blogs isn't one of them)

Get into your wayback machine and check out Frank Zappa defending music against censorship:  He mentions incest in the Bible and says the biggest threat against the U.S. is movement toward a Fascist Theocracy in 1986.  The conservatives are heated up over Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher."  The conservative resorts to Hitler, predictably.

And now for something completely different, your favorite Biblical characters do the "Harlem Shake"

The cast of "Jesus Christ Superstar" has way too much fun with "The Harlem Shake"

A Christian youth group jumped on the meme and they're finding out how sensitive their religion is now! 180 downvotes vs. 69 upvotes. Let's upvote the poor kids! They need encouragement.

Pentecostal Style!


Infidel753 said...

Apparently Christians are easy marks for Ponzi schemes.

I've read that Utah has one of the highest levels of run-of-the-mill fraud in the country. It's not that Mormons produce more con men than other people, it's that they're easy marks because they're too trusting of other Mormons. Countless of those celebrity preachers have made millions by exploiting the same principle. Priests in ancient Egypt were caught running scams to get money out of believers. It's probably been going on since religion was invented.

LadyAtheist said...

And in the case of Scientology, it was the reason *why* it was invented! I wonder if "clear" is a euphemism for broke.