Monday, April 15, 2013

Looky What I Got in the Mail!

This kind-hearted speaker is coming to my sweet little town to warn us about the Second Coming! Mr. Dwight Kruger is so popular that he needs a hotel for his presentations, not a measly church!

And they spare no expense! This 4-page glossy full-color brochure was sent to everyone in town. Boy howdy he must love Muncie!

There's next to nothing on the website:  Yep, not a ministry, a seminar!   If you want to know when they'll be coming to an out-of-the-way fundytown near you, you just choose your state and you can see the schedule.   But if you don't live in the Midwest, or the deep South, you lose!   They only preach to the choir.

After a little googling I found that this Dwight Kruger is a Seventh-Day Adventist, and in 2009 he was pastor at three Indiana churches.  He's currently the pastor at the local Seventh Day Adventist church.  I wonder how he manages what with all his traveling around warning people to be afraid of tornadoes!  It's Spring in the Heartland.  God will whip up a tornado if you don't listen up!

(The tablet has 1776 in Roman numerals)

"Be Prepared for the Next Earth Shaking Event!"

Yes, there are four horsemen!

The small print:
 You will learn about these topics:
  • Israel in Prophecy
  • The Millennium
  • America in Prophecy


Infidel753 said...

The fact that they're calling it a "seminar" suggests they feel a need to re-package the message -- maybe church meetings aren't luring people in any more. Same with the use of "global warning" trying to look like "global warming" at first glance. They're always trying to present their same old tired ranting laced with scriptural gibberish as something new and fresh. I got an ad for a meeting near here (Jehovah's witnesses, I think) in a hand-addressed envelope -- everybody on the block got one, I think -- I guess they hoped people would at least look at it instead of throwing it out if they didn't immediately realize it was religious junk mail.

Printing all those brochures and renting a hotel meeting room costs money. Anyone who goes should expect an in-your-face push for donations. Wonder if many people will turn up?

Ockham's Razorboy said...

I got a load of Jehovah's Witness leaflets shoved through my building door.

So I decided to make White Jesus into a pirate. He looks much better as a pirate, I feel.

Chatpilot said...

Lucky you Lady Atheist, at least you will have been warned! I on the other hand am on the East coast so I guess New York is doomed.

I get the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Nation of Islam knocking on my door from time to time. The Nation of Islam don't even get the time of day from me. Sometimes if I am in a good mood and have time to spare I take a crack at the JW's.

Sometimes it feels like you are in the school cafeteria eating the same old dried food as always. There is but so much you can say about the bible and it has all been exhausted and used and rehashed so many times.Hector Avalos agrees in his book 'The End of Biblical Studies.'

LadyAtheist said...

I should go just to find out what date the armageddon is going to be this time so I can steal their stuff when they disappear

Ahab said...

So, do you plan on infiltrating the event? We'd love to hear your take on it afterwards.

Christian said...

I want to go, it looks like it could be a comedy of epic proportions. But then again I suppose you need to spend money of epic proportions to get a ticket. It makes me think that maybe its all a scam ;)
Interesting stuff thanks.

Grundy said...

Sure that's not a promo piece for "The Day After Tomorrow 2, The Passion fo the AntiChrist"

LadyAtheist said...

Do they premiere their movies in hotels? :-p

Anonymous said...

Christian, It's free,
If you don't want to hear about it, don't go, nobody is pulling your leg.